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Hits at 400+ yards? Yes please.

We are very proud of all students who attended our Intro to Scoped Carbine course this past weekend! Students learned the basics of ballistics, how to mount and use an optic, the types of optics and their purpose, how to make adjustments and hold properly, and make hits at 400+ yards with ease. That is no small feat with an AR15!

Adrian from Critical Impact Group taught this one and brought decades of experience as an instructor to the class and helped students reach new levels. We're looking forward to Intermediate Scoped Carbine in July to help students further develop these skills.

In the final challenge, students had to engage 3 targets with 7 rounds or less as fast as they could. Targets were set at 200 yards, 385 yards, and 425 yards. Just about everyone accomplished this in an average of 10-20 seconds. Whoa!

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