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Rapid Defense Sponsors The Practice Project's Spring Event

Rapid Defense sponsored The Practice Project's "Spring Into Action" event on April 16th. Thirty shooters participated in 6 stages (plus a bonus!) that featured both pistol and carbine work.

TPP stages are known for their practical defensive shooting focus, so one can expect they will put their equipment to the test. A good mix of positional shooting, physical movement, and problem solving are required along with proper marksmanship fundamentals.

This event featured a wide variety of stages. Of note were a "blind" stage that forced shooters to find the correct targets from a variety of positions, a vehicle assault where shooters had to exit their vehicle and engage targets at various distances, and even a bonus stage that required shooters to neutralize one target while a second one moved towards them and finish that one off after a reload.

RD sponsored the Hammer Time stage, which required shooters to carry weight, swing a sledge, and place accurate shots with both hands using both a pistol and rifle. Congrats to the top two shooters on this stage who both took home a t-shirt.

RD also gave away two training classes in a drawing of each participant. Congrats to those winners a well.

The next TPP event is held in October and traditionally features both day and night time stages. Keep an eye on Practiscore for details. We're looking forward to it and we thank our supporting sponsors, American Defense Manufacturing and Rigor Arms!

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