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Welcome to Rapid Defense

Rapid Defense was created at the end of 2020, a year that has shown us exactly the value of preparedness. The past 12 months were filled with civil unrest, a global pandemic, and a tumultuous, emotion-filled election season. The prepared citizen continued on with less worry than most, with at least an acute awareness of what was happening around them.

civil unrest

Many among us finally realized the value of staying prepared and acquired tools for self defense, started a food pantry, learned valuable skills, began keeping essential supplies, and so much more.

Rapid Defense has a mission of helping citizens rapidly defend their life and liberty. As an 01 FFL, we sell firearms and can assist you in your transfer. We also sell first aid supplies and kits for common situations and use. Lastly, we will soon be working with law enforcement professionals to provide top notch practical training for both citizens and professionals alike.

We're excited to start this journey - and look forward to serving prepared citizens.

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