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About Us

Rapid Defense began near the end of 2020, the conclusion of a very wild year, with the mission of providing local citizens a means of rapidly defending their life and liberty. 

We work with local, experienced instructors to organize firearms and first aid training for responsible citizens of all skill levels. Our performance-focused style is based on the methods of legendary instructors like Pat MacNamara and Paul Howe.

We stock essential supplies to help those prepare for the worst of situations, no matter where they are or what they're doing, including firearms, first aid kits, bags and packs, less than lethal tools, ammo, flashlights, and more. 

Rapid Defense is an 07 FFL and 02 SOT capable of handling manufacturing, transfers, or sales of just about every type of firearm, including NFA items such as suppressors, SBRs, machine guns, and more.

So what about the guys behind the company? We're avid shooters with backgrounds in the public safety training industry and experience as first responders. Combined, we have hundreds of hours of training time across dozens of disciplines. 

We saw a rapid rise in interest around being prepared for the worst. When the pandemic hit, we all saw the frenzies at the grocery stores and the supply chain issues. We want to prepare and support you for these types of panics, which ultimately keeps you out of harms way.

We're supporters of the Constitution and everyone's natural right to life and liberty. To that end, we support gun rights organizations with proceeds from every purchase and get involved in local civil discourse.

We hope you'll get to know us, and we look forward to training with you. There is hardly a better feeling than seeing your own growth as a responsible citizen.

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