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  • What's the difference between performance-based and objective-based training?
    We base most of our training on the performance-based philosophy, rather than forcing students to meet some sort of arbitrary standard. Performance-base training essentially means you are achieving a higher level of performance at the end of the day. You are building your skills one way or another, no matter which level you're starting at. Objective-based training requires students to chase a specific outcome. While applicable in some circumstances, it's not always the best way to train because it forces students to do whatever it takes to reach the outcome. Shortcuts are taken, often to the detriment of essential skills.
  • How do I book a training session?
    Visit our online store and the training section to reserve your spot. For private, corporate, or custom training classes, please use the contact us form and we will reach out to you within 48 hours.
  • Can I take a training class if I don't have all of the gear required?
    Absolutely! We can provide everything you need to take our training classes. Several students have attended to prepare for buying their first firearm, which meant they came to the class with nothing. We outfitted them and valuable skills were learned. We only ask that you let us know ahead of time what you need.
  • I don't see what I want on the store. Can you order it?
    We are set up as a dealer for most of the big distributors. We know our inventory is small, but we can order almost anything. Contact us with what you want and we will check availability and pricing for you. In most cases, orders we place arrive within a week.
  • Do you have a retail store?
    We do not currently have a retail store and conduct business by appointment only.
  • Where do I pick up my transfer?
    We are located in Mount Pleasant. When you chose to transfer a firearm to us, we will ask for some information to conduct a preliminary background check. Once that is complete and we've accepted the transfer from the seller, we will send you the pickup address and instructions for doing so.
  • How much do you charge for transfers?
    Rifle transfers are $30 and pistol or receiver transfers are $40. Additional guns in the same order are $15 each. NFA transfers are $95 with additional items in the same order $65 each.
  • What if my firearms purchase or transfer is denied during the background check?
    Firearms purchases or transfers that are denied during the background check are subject to a $30 processing fee plus the cost of return shipping to the merchant if applicable. If fee is not paid or no arrangement has been made within 14 days of the denial, Rapid Defense, LLC reserves the right to take possession of the firearm for resale and/or other lawful purposes.
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