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Self Defense Insurance

Anyone who carries or keeps a firearm for self-defense truly must have self defense insurance. Even in the event of a justified shooting, legal fees and liabilities can quickly bankrupt a person. You can be sued civilly, even if cleared of any criminal wrongdoing.

We've teamed up with US LawShield to offer top level self-defense insurance for firearms owners and their families. We've compared all the various options out there and US LawShield is without a doubt the best while also being the most affordable. Plus, if you sign up through us, you'll be eligible for 10% off any training class. 

Don't be fooled by the flashy insurance providers. Dive in to see why US LawShield is the best choice:
  • Over 700,000+ members trust USLS

  • Easiest to understand and most affordable policies with a-la-cart options

  • 24/7/365 attorney-answered emergency hotline (attorney-client privilege off the bat)

  • Automatically provided expert attorney provided (no wasted time trying and hoping to find one)

  • Non-emergency access to independent program attorneys

  • Unlimited civil and criminal defense litigation coverage

  • Coverage for all legal weapons, inside and outside the home

  • State-specific educational resources and legal updates

  • No hourly rates, no retainer, no caps, no deductibles, and no co-payments

  • Members only benefits with over 3,000 partners

  • Customize your policy with add-ons at any time

Customize your coverage with powerful add-ons:
  • Gun owner identity theft

  • Multi-state protection

  • Additional family members and minors

  • Bail bond and expert witness provisions

  • Hunter/angler regulatory assistance

Don't put your protection on hold. Sign up through Rapid Defense (must apply by clicking on the buttons on this page) or directly with US LawShield using our promo code RDWI and you'll be eligible for 10% off any RD class. 

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