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Firearms Training

Explore our training tracks and classes. Most of our public classes are economically built for the average citizen, along with a variety of niche subjects for experienced students. We teach a lot of material in day-long classes, while providing the drills, thinking, and skills required to continue practicing after class.

Our philosophy of performance-based training, rather than objective-based, stems from the greats like Pat MacNamara. Rather than mandate a certain standard, we typically focus on making you better by the end of the day. This allows us to teach students with a variety of skill levels in the same class.

Some classes require prerequisite skills. If you are unsure of what level of training class is right for you, take our short proficiency quiz.

Training Supported By 
Defensive Handgun

Master your handgun with practical, real-world defensive skills. ​

  • Introduction to Firearms and Defensive Handgun

  • Intermediate Defensive Handgun

  • Advanced Defensive Handgun


Defensive Rifle

Master your defensive rifle and become a proficient defender. 

  • Introduction to Firearms and Defensive Rifle

  • Intermediate Defensive Rifle

  • Advanced Defensive Rifle

Pistol Mounted Optics 

Learn the secrets of using a red dot sight on your defensive handgun. 

  • Introduction/Transition to Pistol Mounted Optics

  • Intermediate Pistol Mounted Optics


Scoped Carbine

Become a proficient long-range defensive shooter with your AR15. 

  • Introduction to Scoped Carbine

  • Intermediate Scoped Carbine

  • Advanced Defensive Carbine


Defensive Shotgun

Learn how to use a shotgun for personal defense.

  • Introduction to Defensive Shotgun

  • Intermediate Defensive Shotgun

  • Advanced Defensive Shotgun


Niche training options to become a more well-rounded defensive shooter. 

  • Handgun Diagnostics (handgun marksmanship mastery)

  • Competent Gunfighting (overcoming Murphy's Law)

  • Concealed Defensive Handgun (using your concealed pistol)

  • Vehicular Defense (defending yourself in and around vehicles)

  • Low Light Defensive Handgun (understanding low light environments and using light)

  • CCW Permitting (earn your WI permit)

  • Small Group Tactics (working with partners and groups)

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