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Our philosophy of performance-based training, rather than objective-based, stems from the greats like Pat MacNamara. Rather than mandate a certain standard, we typically focus on making you better by the end of the day. This allows us to teach students with a variety of skill levels in the same class.


We partner with experienced firearms and medical instructors to provide practical training options for both civilians and professionals. We offer a variety of training tracks, niche subjects, private options, and large scale custom programs for students of all skill levels.

Our goal is to make good training accessible to everyone, creating economical yet jam-packed training for the average citizen and experienced student alike. We teach a lot of material in day-long classes, providing the skills, thinking, and drills required to continue practicing after class.

Training Supported By 
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Practical training for prepared citizens

You may own a firearm, but are you realistically capable of defending yourself? Do you know how to administer first aid? Most people don't know what they don't know and we can help you build the skills to keep you and those around you alive.

  • Handgun and/or rifle training

  • Tactical and basic first aid training

  • Classes for beginner, novice, or experienced students

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Professional training

Law enforcement and medical professionals seeking to expand their skills or specialties have come to the right place. Our expert training partners have decades of experience training first responders and can build customized classes that will satisfy your requirements and meet the standards you desire.

About our instructors and training partners


Reality Based Firearms Training & Tactics - Instructor John Czerwinski

John is a recently retired 27 year Law Enforcement Veteran of both major city and semi-rural jurisdictions. He has served as a Special Assignments Officer, Field Training Officer, SWAT Team Member, Team Leader, and Assistant Commander. He was the lead firearms instructor for his department for over 15 years and was a SWAT and Tactical Response instructor for over ten years. While working for the Police Academy John was a Master Firearms Instructor, Master Tactical Response Instructor, and an instructor in defense and arrest tactics, professional communications, and emergency vehicle operations. John assisted the Wisconsin DOJ Law Enforcement Standards Board in teaching their tactical updates for several years and has taught with Northeast Wisconsin Technical College at the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) Conference. John is also a U.S. Army Veteran serving both as an Enlisted Man and a Commissioned Officer for ten years in both The Army and the Army Reserves. 

Reality Based Firearms Training & Tactics creates custom training programs designed after a discussion of goals with the client. Instructor John prefers small class sizes so each student gets the attention they deserve. Inclusion of video evaluation using “Coaches Eye” software facilitates a faster learning curve, reduces the amount of ammunition needed, and increases the value of dry fire exercises for improvement. When ammo is in short supply or highly priced, non-live fire training, evening, and half-day training events are available. Evaluations of your security plan for your residence are also possible. 

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Critical Impact Group - Instructor Adrian Alan

Adrian Alan is the owner and lead instructor of Critical Impact Group LLC. As a 16-year law enforcement veteran, Adrian has a broad range of experience in personal security, firearms training, personal-defense, tactics, and law enforcement training. Adrian began his law enforcement career in the State of South Dakota and moved to Wisconsin where he spent the next ten years working for a large police department in Southern Wisconsin. Adrian has worked patrol, community policing, crime suppression, as a SWAT team member and sniper, as a firearms, tactics and emergency vehicle operations instructor, field training officer, and more. Over the course of his law enforcement career, Adrian has responded to over 10,000 calls for service, and logged thousands of hours of specialized training, providing him front-line insight into the realities of personal and property crimes. Adrian continues to serve as a part-time deputy in Southwest Wisconsin and shoots competitively in his spare time.

From 2014-2021, Adrian and his two partners ran Performance on Demand Shooting, conducting open enrollment firearms training as well as contracted training to law enforcement agencies and military units. In 2015, he was the recipient of the Chudwin Award for Patrol Rifle Excellence, for his response during a critical incident in 2013, and his on-going commitment to promoting the advancement of patrol rifle programs and training in law enforcement.

From 2017-2021, Adrian worked as a consultant, and then Director of Vortex Edge & Range Operations, overseeing the design and construction of the 55,000 square foot indoor shooting & training center. Over the next three years, Adrian oversaw the development and launch of the Vortex Edge shooting school, guiding curriculum development, strategic planning and daily operations of the indoor range facility as well as a 1,000 yard long range complex.
Adrian holds multiple Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board law enforcement training certifications, including pistol & rifle, firearms master instructor trainer, emergency vehicle operations, tactical response and more. He currently serves on the LESB Training & Standards Board committee for red dot pistol optic curriculum development and has consulted law enforcement agencies on firearms range & training facility construction, policy implementation and training programs. He spent eight years as a department armorer, tasked with developing and overseeing the maintenance program for over 450 department and individually owned rifles. He is a trained and experienced law enforcement sniper instructor, with experience in mission planning, and conducting protective over-watch duties at large public events and even Presidential visits.

Adrian has previous experience in the private security field, having served as an area supervisor for the G4S Group, overseeing dozens of commercial security sites across the Midwest where he conducted site inspections, security assessments and other commercial-security related planning functions. Adrian has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and lives in Southwest Wisconsin.

Peace Warrior Training Group

Peaceful Warrior Training Group

PWTG is made up of numerous Instructors/First Responders who have multiple real-life experiences responding to actual active shooter events. These Instructors have studied, researched, and trained across the country with active shooter experts, victims, and academic researchers to formulate the PW Active Shooter preventative techniques, incident response, and tactics along with active shooter first care methods that have been battle field tested for saving lives. PW Training Group classes teach all you need to know for surviving extreme violence – prevention, response, and minimizing the aftermath effects.

PWTG has the expertise and experience to teach how to prepare for, prevent, and respond to an active shooter situation:

  • Preventative Planning: Hear Something, Say Something. What to do when you hear planning of an act of violence.

  • Active Shooter: Prepare and Respond. How to prepare for an incident and how best to respond during shooter violence.

  • When Run and Hide Are Not Options: Learn powerful techniques and tools to act when necessary.

  • Total Self Defense Tactics: Fear management strategies and how to respond to a variety of physically violent scenarios.

  • Active Shooter First Care/Aid Trauma Treatment: How to effectively treat yourself and others before professionals arrive.


Craig French

Craig is a retired police officer with the Kendall County Sheriff's Office (IL) and has over 27 years of experience in law enforcement. He has served as a tactical officer, juvenile officer, field training officer, investigator, evidence technician, public information officer, school resource officer, special response team (SRT) member, supervisor, firearms instructor, and in-service training committee member. He is currently an instructor with Spartan Tactical out of Illinois. 

He has an extensive instructor background in specialized training in less-than-lethal munitions, PepperBall, CPR, TCCC, MACTAC, Below 100 programs, and ILEAS mobile field force operations. Craig has worked as a state of Illinois certified firefighter holding various specialty fire certifications, as well as an emergency medical technician (EMT). Craig is currently a CPR and Illinois concealed carry instructor.

Craig has dozens of training and instructor certifications, and is a member of the Illinois Tactical Officers Association (ITOA), Indiana SWAT Officers Association (ISOA), American Heart Association (AHA), and the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA). 


A.D. Aderinto

AD retired from the U.S. Department of State as a Supervisory Special Agent where he managed risk for U.S. businesses, international educational facilities and diplomatic missions. A.D. held numerous assignments abroad including those as a Chief Security Officer in Liberia, Malta, and Papua New Guinea. He also led diverse special assignments such as providing protection for the U.S Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics Teams at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A.D. previously served in the U.S. Army as an investigator and paratrooper.

Patriot Firearms - Instructor Rick Schue

Rick Schue is an Army veteran and former police officer, and also owned his own gym as a physical fitness trainer for 27 years. His military and police careers afforded him a great deal of knowledge about firearms and the legal aspects surrounding them. These experiences and a desire to continue building firearm and law enforcement knowledge led Rick to become an NRA certified instructor. This enabled him to begin helping people earn their concealed carry permits. Rick not only believes in helping people better themselves, he also believes in the freedom the 2nd Amendment provides and strives to create smart, safe, and responsible gun owners. He has been teaching the WI CCW permitting class for over 10 years throughout Southeast Wisconsin. 


Rick's wife Lisa assists him with the CCW classes, offering a female perspective and counter viewpoints to help students fully grasp the reality of carrying a firearm. 

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