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targets and downloads

The targets we use and recommend can be downloaded for free or purchased cheaply online. These targets offer an effective yet economical way to train.


All targets are true to size and should be printed "actual size" and not by using "shrink to fit."

Training Supported By 

These targets are approximately the size of center mass human vitals. They make great replacement centers on a target backer and can be printed on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper.

The NRA B8 is the gold standard for pistol drills but they work for rifles as well. The rings work for scoring and tracking your progress, but also identifying your groups to help fix marksmanship.

The Eleanor drill target comes from Sage Dynamics and helps build speed and accuracy at extremely close ranges. Height-over-bore recognition is key for both rifles and optic-equipped pistols. 

Dot Torture was originally created by David Blinder and shows your true pistol ability. This is a tougher drill that requires more-than-acceptable fundamental skills to pass. Start at 3 yards and bump back to 5, 7, 10 as you pass each distance.

IPSC targets are used throughout the competition and training worlds. At 10 yards, this will represent a full size target at 30 yards. IPSC targets are a great way to train, have fun with your friends, and score various drills.


Other Target options

4x6 mailing label. These replace the Basic Defensive Target center and can be used individually. 

2" colored dots. These are great for practicing extreme accuracy and adding mental stress by calling out specific colors to shoot.

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