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Thank You For Representing Rapid Defense, Justin!

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

We'd like to thank Justin for representing us this year at matches and events around the region. He is a fantastic shooter and likeminded 2A advocate that we were proud to sponsor. We we're impressed with his performance and spoke with him as the season wrapped up.

Justin shot a total of 32 matches, including 6 majors around the Midwest. These consisted of carbine, AK/combloc, 3 gun, and USPSA. A late spring prevented more, but that's a lot of weekends!

"The end of the season is a fun time to sit back and reflect: what strides were made, what mistakes cost me brutally, training, planning for the next year, etc. Overall I'm pretty happy with how the year went."

Justin earned the top spot at one major for his class, with a top 10 finish out of 180 shooters. He competed in his first level 3 match, won a couple local matches, and brought home numerous division and class wins.

"My favorite match of the year was probably the Wisconsin Sectional Championship. I placed in the top 5 overall, and worked as an RO. Shooting so well and being in the top 5 was awesome. I jumped up to A class in the Open division, which is hard to do considering it's the f1 racing division of shooting."

Justin also promoted Rapid Defense throughout the year on social media, at matches, and at the range. He drove numerous registrations for our classes and interested many more.

"I personally attended RD's Intermediate Scoped Carbine class, taught by Adrian from Critical Impact Group. The class was pretty awesome despite the sweltering heat. Getting to stretch the legs out on my ADM UIC was fun. Learning holdovers, best practices, and drilling steel at 540 yards was just an awesome feeling.

I've stopped by a couple other classes to say hi, check things out, and talk about shooting. RD is very receptive to feedback and improving their classes. All the classes are very inviting and un-intimidating, no matter your skill level. You will walk away learning something as well as meeting new like minded people.

RD is very involved in the local shooting community and they made it easy to shoot this year with awesome support. They also accessible classes for people of all ages and skill levels. The Advanced First Aid class seemed to generate a lot of buzz and I am sure it's one of the best."

Thanks Justin! We're looking forward to a great 2023 and expanding our sponsorship program. Stay tuned for details!

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