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Advanced Scoped Rifle (Should've been called Adverse Scoped Carbine!)

The highest level class of our scope carbine series brought some awesome shooters together for a super fun day of training. As typical with October weather in Wisconsin, you don't know what you're gonna get. The morning started out with steady rains, but by mid day, the rain had cleared up. But there remained a 20mph wind blowing out of the northeast all day. No cold spirits or people however!

This class is designed to take the principles learned in Intro and Intermediate and put them to the test under stress, at unknown distances, and in uncomfortable positions. Problem solving how to shoot the targets, dialing vs holding, and understanding how the wind works were critical.

Students started off by confirming dope out to 400 yards and then quickly progressed to learning about winds and how it affects trajectory. Having a 20mph average wind that was gusting between 5 and 25mph throughout the day provided a great learning environment.

Next technique was practiced on various types of barricades including tires, tripods, VTACs, and a cattle fence. These items simulate real world possibilities, so finding a stable position to reach out far was educational.

Speed was then introduced to the class along with some head to head competitions to add stress and put the various skills to the test. The first competition was team-based in a race to eliminate 3 targets at various distances. The second test was an unknown distance walk out of 4 targets from ~100-400 yards. The fastest student managed that in 10.06 seconds, but Adrian (the instructor) bested at that only 9.6 seconds. Whoa! That's a lot to calculate while moving quickly!

All in all, despite the weather and limitations faced, the class accomplished its goals and we're looking forward to bringing back all of the scoped carbine classes in 2024.

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