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Class Enhancements - An Open Letter From Our Chief Instructor, John Czerwinski

To all past, present, and future students,

For 2022 I have updated our class curriculums based on last year’s feedback and new information that I have learned during the past few months. Like you, I am always a student.

Class descriptions didn‘t change greatly because any type of advanced firearms training is just performing the basics correctly and better, cold and on-demand (sorry, no magic decoder ring!). However, in our intermediate and advances classes, we won't be spending as much time refreshing the basics, like weapons manipulation and sighting. It will be a quick review before getting to the enhanced techniques.

Intermediate classes will build on the fundamentals while enhancing them through flat range shooting drills, focusing on deciphering any issues you may have. When you sign up for intermediate classes, you should have a solid grasp of the basics and confidence in executing.

Advanced classes will work more on specific, tougher situations, drills, and complex scenarios. For these classes, the basics should be mastered or thoroughly understood.

I purposefully designed our one-day classes to be affordable and efficient. One day doesn't give you a lot of time and any instructor needs to understand their student’s capabilities in order to conduct safe training. We're really only scratching the surface, but want to make sure you walk away with new knowledge and skills.

If you really want to ramp up your training, check out our on-demand classes for small groups. I am very accommodating based on your availability and what you are trying to learn or accomplish. These private group sessions can be used as intensive learning sessions or a “test” of your skill set. They are perfect for 4-5 like-minded friends. If you want one-on-one or duos training, contact us and we can discuss personal coaching.

Lastly, what was reinforced over the winter with me and how I train is that live-fire training verifies that your dry-fire practices are being done correctly and are paying off. So with that, if your ammo budget for the summer is 500 rounds, there are about 4,000 dry-fire reps you should be looking to do. If dry-fire isn’t part of your weekly routine, you really aren’t taking carrying a gun seriously. Are you a responsibly armed citizen?

Stay Safe and hope to see you on the range……………Ski

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