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Now Accepting NFA Transfers

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

We are now capable of handling your NFA transfers and purchases! If you've been thinking about buying a suppressor, SBR, machine gun, or other NFA item, we can help.

We can handle these items just like your other firearms purchases, and guide you in the application process for approval. The new ATF e-forms system works nicely and makes it very easy for you to apply. Current wait times are around 120 days for e-forms, or 250 days for paper submissions.

There are 3 ways we can help you process NFA items:

  1. You purchase directly from us: most brands available, competitive prices

    1. Tell us what you want

    2. We get the item from our distributors/vendors

    3. We request some specific information from you and you must create an ATF eForms account

    4. We handle the Form 4 paperwork and submission

    5. You send in your finger prints (we can help with this at no charge)

    6. The wait begins and we notify you once you are approved to schedule a pickup

  2. You purchase from SilencerShop with us as the selected dealer

    1. The item comes to us

    2. You complete the information via Silencershop

    3. You submit your prints or use a kiosk to electronically submit

    4. We notify you once you are approved and schedule a pickup

  3. You purchase from a vendor of your choice and transfer through us (this requires you to purchase an NFA transfer from us)

    1. Same process as the first, but you need to buy an NFA transfer to get things started

The NFA community on Reddit is fantastic and is a great source for information. They even have an approval thread so you can get an idea of current wait times. They also have complete walkthroughs for any type of NFA application.

Let us know if you have any questions. It's really pretty simple and a suppressor is not only fun, but an awesome hearing preservation tool.

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