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Success Is Earned - RD Sponsored Shooters Working Hard

A little more than halfway through the outdoor shooting sport season and the RD sponsored shooters Justin Moravec and Ricky Garza have been going strong with no plans to slow down. They have shot well at dozens of events with a lot of very good finishes!

Justin has competed in a local carbine match, locals, and 3 major uspsa matches including Nationals. He has been shooting Carry Optics division for most the year and has ranked up substantially to a tiny percent outside of Master class. But he is switching back to Open class to finish the year off. His last major is the upcoming Minnesota sectional and he has a goal of finishing in the top 10 at that event.

Justin is supporting and shooting the Gold Star Match at Schultz Gun Club in August, and RD is also sponsoring this event. It's a great cause and good time for everyone so come out and say hi!

The highlight of the year so far has been Nationals, shooting against 500 other competitors in the same division. I didn't place as high as I wanted, but it was a great experience and a ton of fun with our crew.

Ricky has 4 major matches this season with more planned. From those matches, he's been constantly learning and improving for the next one. He's even been learning the ropes of match directing to continue getting involved in the sport. Even though work and life keep him busy, Ricky continues to bring it at matches.

HIs current goal is to try to win top 5 A class at USPSA open/PCC nationals and be a Grand Master in Carry Optics by the end of the year. He also wants to continue training on the practical shooting side and develop his carbine skills.

My favorite moment shooting so far is when a group of friends and I attended Schultz pistol league. We all made bets with handicaps and pressuring each other. Pistol league is always fun and you are always shooting with new people but when shooting head to head, the pressure is definitely on.

Both shooters have been promoting us well and we're very happy to have them on our team. Nice job guys, and keep up the good work!

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