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How to Conceal Carry Safely and Effectively

We had a great Concealed Defensive Handgun class this past weekend! Students learned the essentials for carrying concealed, and trained on a variety of skill sets designed to create safe yet effectively armed citizens. They rehearsed not only critical carry gun essentials from concealed holsters, but compromised positions, using cover and concealment, and firing multiple rounds accurately, among other things. The class was taught by Craig French, a Spartan Tactical instructor who has such a well-rounded background in firearms instruction.

We also discussed the legal and moral considerations for carrying and using deadly force. There are a number of myths out there around self-defense laws that need to be busted, and taking a life is a huge deal, even if justified. We encourage students to think about that before carrying regularly.

We don't believe having a permit alone prepares you to defend yourself. Without training, a permit means very little and you are woefully unprepared to address violence if and when it occurs.

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