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Diagnosing Flaws in Handgun Shooting

Handgun Diagnostics this past weekend was JAMMED with info! This advanced level class reviews all of the fundamentals of handgun marksmanship to diagnose, treat, and cure any inefficiencies or flaws. We developed this class for experienced students so they could revisit the fundamentals and correct any errors, without having to take an intro level course.

Not only did students work on mastering their sights, grip, and trigger, they took home techniques for diagnosing their errors and fixing them whenever they get back to the range. These skills are essential when applying speed, and knowing what to look for allows quick adjustments on the fly.

Everyone's skill level increased, and we even had one student who was quantifiably more than 300% better at the end of class compared to that morning. Awesome job all around!

Huge thanks to Adrian and Critical Impact Group for teaching this one and totally transforming the skills of our 12 students!

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