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Grand Opening Giveaway - Enter Now!

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Rapid Defense is officially off the ground and running. To celebrate, we're doing 4 weeks of giveaways, featuring some really cool gear!

How to Enter:

You must complete all 3 steps to be entered:

  1. Like Rapid Defense on Facebook

  2. Like and share the week's Facebook contest post (must like and share each week's contest to be eligible to win that week)

  3. Submit your information on the contest page each week (this is the only way we can contact you!)

So without further ado..... here are the giveaways!

Week 1 (March 1-6): Ammo Dump! We're giving away 300 rounds of ammo! This prize cache contains 100 rounds of Winchester Target 115gr 9mm, 100 rounds of Norma 55gr .223 (Lake City brass), and 100 rounds of CCi 40gr .22LR. All brand new, never fired cartridges.

Congrats to our winner: Josh M!

Week 2 (March 8-13): 5.11 Rush12 2.0 Bag - These awesome bags make for a great every day bag and feature space for a laptop, hydration, CCW, and more! $100 value! Learn more.

Congrats to our winner: Bill V!

Week 3 (March 15-20): Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) - An absolute necessity for anyone living an active lifestyle. Ideal for campers, shooters, explorers, and more. These professional kits contain what you need for trauma and severe injuries. Has a quick care reference card included. $120 value! Learn more.

Congrats to our winner: Mark S!

Week 4 (March 22-27): Ruger EC9s 9mm Pistol - A great subcompact pistol in the proven 9mm caliber. The EC9s makes a great CCW pistol, and easily fits into bags, holsters, drawers, and more. Includes one 7 round magazine and one inert training magazine. Learn more.

Winner: Terri J


Each week's winner will be randomly drawn on the Sunday following the weekly contest dates. The winner will be contacted privately and announced publicly on our blog and Facebook page.


Must be 21+ to enter.

Must be a WI or IL resident for firearm giveaway and legally able to take possession. Winner must arrange for FFL of choice to receive and transfer the firearm. Winner is responsible for any/all applicable FFL transfer fees. Rapid Defense will arrange shipping once a copy of winner's FFL is received and validated. A failed background check or denied sale will result in forfeiture of firearm, which shall be returned to Rapid Defense with shipping expenses covered by denied recipient.

For ammo dump prize, must be a WI or IL resident legally able to possess ammunition and present a valid, current photo ID upon claiming prize. IL residents also required to present valid FOID card. Name and email required to claim prize. This post will be updated every week with the new giveaway.

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