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How to Hit Targets at 500 Yards

A full group of students showed up for our first Intro to Scoped Carbine class of the year, despite the sloppy conditions. This class is the first level in our scoped series that runs throughout the year. Scoped shooting is extremely valuable, especially when it comes to defensive purposes. You are statistically much more likely to use these skills in a defensive or survival circumstance than CQB or close distances.

Students started the day by confirming their zeros and getting equipment set up. Then we confirmed velocities and started building reputable DOPE in our ballistics calculators. After that, we worked on marksmanship and pushed back to 500 yards.

It was awesome seeing students make hits at those distances, despite the winds and rains! The weather might have been rough, but it truthfully provides a very good learning environment for this type of shooting.

We are only offering this class once more in 2024 on 6/1, so don't miss it. Intro is a pre-req for our intermediate and advanced levels. Register here:

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