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How to Survive a Violent Encounter From Your Vehicle

Students got hands-on training in Vehicle Defensive Handgun (level 1) yesterday. We dove into a ton of material! This class begins preparing students for defensive handgun use around vehicles, where we spend a lot of our lives.

The class covers legal and ethical considerations and spends a great deal of time dispelling the myths so many believe. Students learn about the best parts of the car as cover and concealment, and what it's like trying to shoot in cramped spaces.

Most of the class is spent on ballistics around vehicles and students got hands-on demos of how car glass reacts to bullets and vice versa, and how bullets act when they strike doors and hoods. We learned that the Crown Vic is one tough vehicle! It stopped most 9mm and 45 bullets, and even a 12ga slug did not penetrate through both sides. Typically, 50% of shots pass right through the vehicle.

This real-world, practical knowledge is not something a lot of people train on, but it’s critically important to understand if you carry a gun for self defense.

We hope you join us for a class soon! See the schedule:

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