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Join the RD Team in 2024 as a Sponsored Shooter

Updated: Jan 20

Want your costs covered and some free swag for matches and events this year? Consider applying for the 2024 Rapid Defense Sponsored Shooter program.


Rapid Defense is seeking another shooter to sponsor throughout 2024 in an effort to promote our business to the general public and shooting communities.

This sponsorship offers a shooter a chance to be affiliated with Rapid Defense and have their costs substantially reduced when participating in shooting events this year.

Ideal shooter

The ideal sponsored shooter will be an outgoing person with a good reputation within the shooting community. This shooter is active throughout the year participating in matches, training classes, and local events. Above all, they are enthusiastic about firearms in general and willing to share their expertise and excitement with others as a true ambassador of RD and the community.

They are knowledgeable about the firearms community and have an understanding of the responsibility required for owning and using one. They support the right to bear arms and understand that people from all backgrounds enjoy firearms. They also understand that there is a large variety of firearms use aside from self defense. These include action sports, defensive training classes, long range shooting, professional training, vintage collecting, and others.

The sponsored shooter must be at least 21 years old and reside in SE Wisconsin or NE Illinois, legally able to possess a firearm, free from controlled substances, and have a clean background.

Program Goals

The following goals will be the focus of this program:

  1. Drive excitement and engagement with Rapid Defense

  2. Provide information on classes and services

  3. Generate interest and drive revenue through class sign ups and paid services

  4. Develop positive relationships between RD and the shooting community

  5. Grow RD’s social media following on Facebook and Instagram

  6. Increase the number of subscribers to the newsletter

Sponsorship Provisions

Rapid Defense will provide the sponsored shooter/ambassador with the following in 2023:

  1. $300 towards the cost of match entry fees and supplies

  2. T-shirt, hat, tech shirt, and other assorted RD gear depending on availability

  3. 1 free entry and 1 entry 25% off to any RD training class ($250 value)

  4. Free firearms transfers ($50ea value)

Sponsored Shooter Requirements

The sponsored shooter will be required to complete the following in 2023:

  1. Compete in at least 8 matches, with at least 2 of those not being USPSA or IDPA (minimum/at least 1 per month, in each month specifically, April through November - meaning you can't shoot 8 events by May and be done)

  2. Must wear RD shirt or other external apparel at those 8 matches

  3. Must get at least 1 photo or video competing in each of the 8 events with RD visible

  4. Must post match photo(s) with RD visible and tagged within 48 hours of event

  5. Must represent RD exceptionally and have a well-rounded knowledge of the business (we'll teach you)

  6. Must drive training class registrations through primary promotion of classes (our name comes up first, unless we don't offer it)

  7. Must distribute RD flyers when requested and engage related social communities

  8. Must write 3 short blogs throughout the course of the year (200 words max, RD will provide subjects but these will be based on shooting activity)

  9. Must provide a summary of experience and review of goal metrics at end of the year

  10. Must not be affiliated with competitor or conflicting interest

How to apply

To apply for this sponsorship, send a short paragraph describing why you believe you would be the best person to sponsor. In addition you must submit:

  1. Links to social media profiles

  2. Your experience in the shooting community (matches, clubs, etc)

  3. List of potential events/matches you’d participate in

  4. What are your personal goals related to shooting - this year and beyond

Of course, efforts above and beyond what is required is a great way to increase your sponsorship and be considered again in the future. All information should be sent to by February 28th.

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