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Justin Moravec Hitting Mid-Season Stride

RD sponsored shooter Justin Moravec has been having a busy and successful season so far. He has competed in 3 Majors (USPSA) already and also shoots the monthly matches at Schultz Gun Club and other area clubs as time allows.

He has been placing very well and continues to improve his classification across multiple divisions including open, carry optics, and PCC.

Yet to come are 3 more Majors, Thunder on the Tundra (an awesome com bloc themed match), and a few local 2/3 gun matches.

Justin has been a solid ambassador for Rapid Defense and talks with many people about our classes, specifically the medical related stuff. We're seeing the results of that promotion in our class registrations.

- Andy R (Owner, Rapid Defense)

We're proud of what Justin has accomplished so far and look forward to a very productive and fun second half of the year. You can follow Justin on our Instagram @rapid_defense or his @magdumpmoravec.

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