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Lifesaving Skills Learned in First Care Class

Rapid Defense and medical training partner Peaceful Warrior Training Group held a First Care and Trauma Treatment course on May 15th.

Students learned lifesaving skills applicable in all aspects of life, including violent events such as active shooters and riots. The hands-on training will equip them readily going forward.

Some of the skills learned in the course included:

  • How the body responds to injury and loss of blood

  • Moving injured victims

  • Applying BATH technique to begin treatment

  • Tourniquet use

  • Wound packing and stopping the bleed

  • Applying chest seals

  • Inserting breathing tubes

  • Using Israeli and Olaes bandages

  • Navigating active shooters and responding appropriately

  • Interfacing with police while providing care

Rapid Defense believes in helping the responsible citizen prepare for the worst and the training classes we host are designed to help you defend life and liberty. Thank you everyone who attended and we look forward to having you at future classes!

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