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Meet Our 2022 Sponsored Shooter, Justin

Rapid Defense is proud to announce our sponsorship of Justin Moravec for 2022! Justin was selected out of numerous applications we received based on his personality, match participation, shooting experience, community involvement, and goals.

2022 is going to be a great year for both Rapid Defense and Justin. Justin will be shooting in dozens of matches this year including USPSA, 2-gun, 3-gun, majors, annuals, and local one-offs. His goals are to take some top-3 finishes this year, push into class A for USPSA Open Division, and get more people involved in the local club and events. He is a certified RO and is seeking to become a Chief RO this year to help support the sport he enjoys.

"I appreciate the opportunity from Rapid Defense to be a sponsored shooter this year. I'm excited for this relationship to help each other grow in the shooting sports and firearms training communities," said Justin.

Justin shares the values of Rapid Defense and will make a great ambassador for not only the company, but the shooting industry as well. He will be sporting RD gear this year and can hook you up with a referral code for a great discount on our training classes!

"We're looking forward to working with Justin this year and think he will do a fantastic job of representing our company. We continue to grow and getting our name out there is a big part of showing people what we have to offer," stated RD founder and co-owner Andy Rasico.

See you on the range!

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