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Meet Ricky Garza - RD's Newest Sponsored Shooter

Ricky joins the RD team for 2023 and brings a lot to the table! He joins Justin M on the roster and is a perfect fit for representing our mission, values, and goals.

We're excited to have Ricky represent us this year and he is ready to get started. "It is an honor to work with you guys and I am ecstatic for what's to come. You have done a lot for firearms community and I know you will continue making an impact. I am grateful for being chosen to be part of your team," stated Ricky.

Competitive shooting is Ricky's passion and he was hooked after his first match. Not just because of the running and gunning but because he made some good friends and met plenty of people along the way. He shoots USPSA, IDPA and other smaller matches all over northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin and has been to multiple other states for matches.

Ricky went on to explain, "It's an honor being part of such a diverse and welcoming community. Over the past two years I have seen it grow and change all for the better. I look forward to seeing it grow for many years to come."

His goal for the year is to get first place at open/PCC nationals in A class and is confident he can accomplish this. You'll find him shooting all over the place this year at numerous events:

  • McHenry USPSA

  • Nisa and Schultz USPSA

  • Pine Tree Pistol Club

  • Northern Illinois Sectional

  • OPSC 2 Gun

  • Badger Trekker R-n-G

  • Illinois Sectional

  • Wisconsin Sectional

  • Open/PCC Nationals

We will see him at other local matches too. If you see Ricky shooting, say hi. He can hook you up with a great discount on any of our classes. We're excited to see everything Ricky accomplishes this year, along with our other shooter Justin Moravec. Together, they will grow the 2A community successfully.

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