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News and Updates from SHOT Show 2023

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

What a fantastic SHOT Show this year. This mammoth industry trade show is the prime opportunity for the firearms industry to learn about new products, discover ways to grow, understand new legalities, and network among other things. We counted our steps and trekked nearly 30 total miles each in 2.5 days. Whew!

We attended with the goals of growing our business and offering more to our customers. We’re not gonna compete with retailers, but we want to provide any gear you need and top tier training and firearms advice.

Mission accomplished! We’re proud to announce several new things this year!

New Dealerships

  • Sports South - this new distributorship gives us access to even more products

  • Palmetto State Armory - your favorites quicker and cheaper

  • FixItSticks - they make the highest quality and most sensible tool kits for gun owners. Forget having a plethora of tools thrown around your range bag. These specialized firearms kits are awesome.

  • Blue Force Gear - we now have access to their full catalog

  • Steele Industries - top end night vision and accessories

  • Nocturn - innovative night vision supplies and a lower barrier to entry

  • Viktos - clothing and soft gear

  • Criterion - the best damn barrels you can buy

  • Norma - superb ammo

  • Several other dealerships in the works so stay tuned!

New Partnerships

We believe in the importance of self defense insurance and have partnered up with US Law Shield. They offer the most sensible and affordable coverage out there. This protects you after use of justifiable deadly force, with or with a firearm and regardless of location. We’ll detail the key advantages in a future blog. You’ll soon be able to sign up through our website.

New Legal Updates on Pistol Brace Rule

We don’t dive into politics, but we do our best to stay apprised of legal changes and things affecting gun owners. With all of the recent legal changes and new rules, it’s easy to be confused. We try to offer good advice for our students to alleviate confusion. We caution against taking our word as the be-all, end-all without first doing your own research and consulting a lawyer.

We spoke to both the GOA (Gun Owners of America) and the ATF about the recent pistol brace rules, and bottom line - the ATF didn’t think it through and had no answers to our serious questions or concerns. We do know the GOA and other gun rights orgs are hard at work on the legal side and expect court intervention within the next few weeks. The GOA has some smart folks! The ATF staff on site seemingly didn’t care about their potential infringements and only replied with illogical canned responses.

At the time of this posting, the ATF has not yet published the brace rules in the federal register, which is when the 120 day amnesty period supposedly begins.

Two important notes. One, if you are concerned about being compliant and aren’t sure if you want to register your braced pistol, you can simply remove the brace and be legal again. Two, if you have a trust for NFA items, and wish to register your braced pistols tax free without issue, you must act quickly to get those items onto your trust and get notarization proving as much. The ATF is not going to allow people to just buy a bunch of braces and get unlimited free tax stamps. How this will be enforced, we have no idea.

Speaking of enforcement, the GOA has learned that even though the published rules have no mention of enforcement of them, the ATF Director has said they will be enforcing the rules with the normal NFA violation punishments for violations. It doesn’t sound like they are going to let “non compliance” slide. Again, we have no idea how that could possibly be enforced.

With all of this stuff, keep following the GOA and news on this. Do not take anything we say as legal advice.

Wrapping Up

There is surely more to come, and we will keep everyone updated as best we can! We’re looking forward to a fantastic 2023.

Oh and did we mention that we’ve secured a limited amount of Fiocchi 9mm for sale at just .25cpr? Keep an eye on the store for availability!

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