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Night Fighters 2023 - Special Low Light Event and Night Vision Demo

We had a total blast last weekend for our Night Fighters event! Everyone really brought it and there was some awesome gear on sight! Some people had nods, some people had white lights, and some came to see what was possible. Tony from VC Optics was on hand demoing some of the sickest gear around and plenty of people got to try out those killer Quad Nods.

Night Fighters is an event we designed to give people a taste of shooting in the dark, to discover the challenges of doing so. You quickly find out if your light is worth a darn, if your buttons are too hard to find, or that gun smoke prohibits aiming. But experience is the best form of education!

The event featured a rifle and pistol stage to explore varying positional shooting, as well as a demo table of night vision gear and guns. Everything is hands on and there is no limit to how much you can shoot.

Rob Farrell also came out to take some images and he really captured the spirit of the event. Take a look at the gallery here. And an extra special thanks to Jason of Carrion Defense for hanging out and helping us staff the event.

Remember, we're dealers for all things night vision, as well as most other gear. We're always focused on giving our customers the best service and deal around so let us know how we can help you upgrade.

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