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Our Sponsored Shooter Justin Is Ready To Win

We're looking forward to working with Justin this year as he represents RD around the region. Justin is a very engaged shooter and will represent not only RD positively, but the shooting community as a whole.

Justing shared with us, "I was selected to be one of their sponsored shooters for 2022 and I am definitely honored and grateful that I was selected out of quite a few applicants. After meeting with the guys from RD, who I've spoken with before but more in depth this time, it obvious that Rapid Defense and I share very similar views about the shooting world, training, new gun ownership, and the 2nd amendment in general. I'm a very big believer in people having the right to defend themselves but also getting the proper training for firearm use, as well as safety and medical training. It's one of my goals to help as many new and veteran shooters as possible this year get connected with proper training and Rapid Defense definitely helps fill that need.

Again, thank you Rapid Defense for the opportunity and looking forward to helping each other grow this year and the years to come."

We can't wait to see what Justin accomplishes this year!

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