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Securing Your Home and Family

Thank you to everyone who attended our virtual Home Security Planning session last night. We had some powerful content and a great discussion. The class covered tips and best practices for securing your home and keeping your family safe.

There were some very good key points brought up:

  • Most burglaries occur during the day

  • Be smart when using deadly force - Castle Doctrine doesn't prevent mistakes

  • Use exterior lights particularly on entry ways

  • Consider a firewall if you have a lot of household items connected to the internet

  • There are various types of locks - use what makes sense

  • Don't go hunting for bad guys in your house - let the police do that

  • Develop a plan that includes a safe room, panic word, and actions

  • Know your neighbors and have open communication

  • Use landscaping to provide open views to yard and make it difficult to hide

We have more virtual classes in store for the future. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram or visit our store page to stay tuned.

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