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Setting Up New Shooters for Success

Our first class on the range in 2024 was a chilly one. A full class of students showed up for Introduction to Firearms and Defensive Handgun yesterday! We love seeing people take the time to build their skill set correctly, especially when they are just starting out.

Students spent the first half of a chilly day in the classroom reviewing the basics of firearms safety, set up, marksmanship, ethics, legalities, and more. These foundational building blocks are the basis for everything else we teach and are critical for gun owners. There is a lot more that goes into firearms ownership than just shooting your pistol and we want our students to be prepared for the real world.

After lunch we moved to the range to put those fundamentals to the test. Students worked on their marksmanship and made adjustments to increase their accuracy. We saw phenomenal growth, even from students who have barely touched a firearm before. Putting those basics like trigger control, sighting, stance, grip, etc into play correctly makes a big difference. Even saw one student best the 7 yard playing card drill to win a Miami Vice defender patch! Nice job everyone!

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