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The 2024 Rapid Defense Team

Were continuing our sponsorship program this year due to the successes we've had, and have doubled the amount of sponsored shooters from 2 to 4! Our growing team of excellent shooters, industry proponents, and community supporters is a joy to work with and we're excited to see what they do this year.

Our sponsorship program allows us to support shooters with financial and equipment compensations, in exchange for promoting our mission, classes, and overall brand throughout the region.

RD shooter Nick Doub at a local USPSA match

Justin Moravec

Justin returns for year 3 on the Rapid Defense team. He's a Master class shooter who is very involved in the local shooting sports. Not only is he a regular USPSA shooter, but he directs outlaw matches at Schultz Gun Club from time to time.

"Thanks again for sponsoring me for the 3rd year. I am looking forward to promoting the business, classes, and what RD offers, continuing on our path of mutual success."

This year, Justin aims to narrow his shooting to focus on local matches, and those with something different than the usual action pistol repertoire. He has goals to stay in the top 5 regardless, carrying on his 2023 results, and earnings Master class in USPSA Open. He will be doing more carbine matches and is taking a number of RD classes to support.

Ricky Garza

Ricky begins his 2nd year of working with RD and hopes to carry on his successes from last year. Ricky consistently places very high with USPSA and is even the match director for NISA this year.

"It's an honor to be a part of such a well-rounded team. I stand behind everything RD does and everything they teach. I know they have my back and I have theirs."

Ricky's goals this year are to win high overall in the IL sectional championships and to take 1st overall in the 2024 Badger Trekker 5k, where he took 3rd in 2023. He's looking forward to a great season and making more friends.

Alex Trevino

Alex joins Rapid Defense this year after being a close industry partner at American Defense Manufacturing. He has supported RD from the beginning and is looking forward to wearing the shield in 2024. Alex regularly competes in USPSA and other local outlaw matches.

I look forward to improving my skills with RD and supporting firearms education around the area."

His goals this year are to grow his long range precision skills, a mostly new discipline for him. He plans to take our intermediate and advanced scoped carbine classes to support this, and shoot at several precision-related matches.

Nick Doub

Nick is also a newcomer to RD, but has been shooting for a long time. He is a Master class IDPA shooter and still has much more to achieve. You'll find Nick competing all over the midwest.

I'm honored to join RD this year, with a shared goal of supporting the 2nd Amendment. I prioritize connecting shooters with training and resources to be responsibly armed.

Nick shoots a variety of disciplines, but this year has goals of qualifying for IDPA nationals, and dabbling in USPSA. He always strive to be teaching and learning, so if you see him around be sure to say hi.


We're looking forward to supporting this team and having a very successful year. Our combined efforts not only grow our mission, but allows us to reach farther and wider audiences to spread the message of being a responsibly armed citizen. Good luck, gents!

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