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The Long Range Capabilities of the AR15

Another sold out Intermediate Scoped Carbine class in the books! This is one of our favorite classes to run because not only do people get to push the limits of the AR platform, but few people have access to distances beyond 300. Seeing that pride when hits at 500 become easy is a great feeling.

Perfect weather with lightly shifting winds made for a great class. Students first got their zeroes dialed in and then worked on understanding holdovers and dialing. Everyone gets a chance to chrono their gun in this class, which helps them build DOPE and begin using a ballistics calculator.

From there we progress to getting into shooting positions quickly, utilizing barricades and tripods, and shooting at targets from 200-500 yards out with speed. Students even had a chance to work as a spotter and provide input to their partners on wind, impacts/misses, and specified targets.

We hope to see everyone in Advanced Scoped Carbine, coming this fall!

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