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The Shotgun Should Be a Top Choice for Self Defense

Hundreds and hundreds of various shells downrange in our Intermediate Defensive Shotgun class this past weekend have added proof to the viability of the shotgun for self defense. The shotgun is extremely versatile because it can be loaded for specific purposes. The effectiveness of each round, once learned, can help you navigate any sort of situation.

The type of shell being shot changes your marksmanship techniques due to recoil differences, and the distances at which you can engage must be considered. Even the same round out of two similar shotguns performs differently. Training with and understanding your equipment is the only way to know what to expect.

Students in this class built upon the skills learned in the intro level to become more affective with their shotguns. Each type has a different manual of arms that requires a good amount of practice. It's satisfying when you start to run the platform smoothly, after practicing combat and tactical reloads, various positions from cover, recoil management, and much more.

We're looking forward to bringing back this class back next year with an added level that introduces shell effects against various types of barriers, along with more in-depth techniques for running the various types of shotguns.

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