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Thundering on the Tundra

Rapid Defense was a first year sponsor at Thunder on the Tundra this year and we had an awesome time and a total blast meeting everyone. Thunder is a Combloc match held in Ripon, WI and is largely AK focused - no AR15 style rifles allowed! You really do see a huge variety of firearms and cosplay.

We sponsored a stage and had a booth to show off our training classes, hand out some swag, and give lessons for TQ and Israeli bandage use. Our stage was a crowd favorite and involved blazing through a ton of targets, retrieving medical supplies, and applying it to a downed warrior. Only the fastest and smartest succeeded - we wanted it to be somewhat realistic as speed is important when someone is critically injured. Nice job to everyone who finished!

As a stage sponsor, we also provided a gift certificate for a class and some swag in the raffle. We also had an Instagram contest to give away a Defender IFAK and 100 rounds of 9mm defensive ammo. We had over 30 entrants and one lucky winner! Congrats to both winners and those who walked away with some crowd throwouts.

We cannot wait to get back next year. The ToTT community is made up of some of the coolest people and it typically sells out within a few days.

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