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Using a Defensive Handgun In and Around Vehicles

Defensive firearms use around vehicles adds a whole new level of ballistic, movement, and tactical considerations. We covered all these in our recent Vehicle Defensive Handgun class.

After a brief refresher of marksmanship fundamentals and common positional shooting, we dove into vehicle-specific training. Students in this class got to participate in and see first hand how bullets work against car hoods, windshields, doors, and the structural pillars (A, B, C, D).

We also covered some decision making and firearms use from inside and around vehicles, which require an added level of safety moving the gun around. Other people are a major consideration, as well as your own self. Sweeping you body during the draw or when presenting a pistol under stress is a real danger.

One thing is for certain - what you see in Hollywood isn't accurate. But we could have told you that. Not only does shooting from within a vehicle greatly lesson your accuracy, but being in a vehicle while someone is returning fire is one of the worst places to be.

This class will return in 2024 - keep an eye on the schedule!

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