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Year Two for Justin Moravec

Justin Moravec returns as a Rapid Defense sponsored shooter for 2023. After a busy and successful 2022, we were pleased to have him back on the team representing us throughout the region. Justin embodies our mission and goals and we look forward to having him shoot under our name once more.

Justin has a lot going on! He's been busy directing and shooting carbine matches at Schultz Rod and Gun Club, and participating in various other shoots with local groups including a fun night shoot.

He has plans to attend a wide variety of local USPSA matches including NISA and leagues at Schultz, Ripon, and Saukville. He is also expanding to sectionals in MN, WI, and northern IL. Perhaps the biggest challenge coming up is the Carry Optics Nationals, his first time attending.

"I am pretty excited to attend nationals the year and my goal is to break the top 100 overall, while winning my class. Definitely want to get a trophy," explained Justin.

Justin has been focusing on training as much as possible, which is a requirement when you shoot such a wide variety of divisions. Some of that even includes more classes with RD, including Advanced Scoped Carbine (October). "I enjoyed Intermediate last year and learned a lot."

Lastly, Justin has goals to keep spreading the message of RD, 2A advocacy, and firearms training, which is so important to everyone that owns a gun.

We can't wait to see what he accomplishes this year.

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